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Symphogear XD UNLIMITED has received a new story event that includes a fresh character. The latest campaign story, known as 'One Winged Wielders', is out now, and it sees the return of Kanade from the popular anime series. As you may know, Kanade is all about keeping the Noise at bay and saving others from it in the process. This is her life's duty in the anime. And now, she's getting a brand new story in the game, which starts off pretty cool.As Tsubasa daydreams in the night, she is thinking deeply about Kanade and the significance she had in her life. It appears that Tsubasa didn't start thinking on her own, as she was confused as to why she was doing so.Out of nowhere, Noise appears and tries to take over the world. The wielders assemble and attempt to stop the enemy, but they notice something.They see one lone wielder out there battling the Noise on her own. It would end up being Kanade, doing what she does best.This new update includes an event where you can earn items by completing battles in the game. The items you can earn are Wings, and after collecting them, they can be used to purchase certain things in the shop. You will also be able to access new Event Quests. In order to do so, you need to complete MA1-3: Noise and Disharmony. Once you do that, you'll be able to take advantage of some neat benefits. By exchanging Wings, you can get the four-star Kanade Amo Stardust Foton card, which is a sweet reward. Not only that, you'll have a chance at an even more powerful variant of Kanade with the Ultimate Comet version, which is a five-star card. To go along with that, Tsubasa gets a five-star destruction card to add to your collection. To earn these powerful cards, it will take a bit of luck. However, the gacha event won't be over until March 5th, so you have a little time to grab these special cards. If you've no luck, there's always the log-in bonuses to fall back on. Symphogear XD UNLIMITED is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. Love playing RPG on your mobile device? Then here's a list of the top 25 for iPhone and iPad.

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